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"Dusk" Acrylic painting on Wood 5" x 5"

"Dusk" Acrylic painting on Wood 5" x 5"


Acrylic and coarse pumice gel on wood panel 




Wire hung for easy hanging, or to be honest, these screw eyes could be removed and hung directly on the wall.  


Part of my series of three paintings I had included at The Harlow in 2021.  I made this one as I was leaning into my love of blue, love of the nighttime, love of blur, love of mashing my brush into the surface of my painting.  I was thinking a lot about the way our eyes blur lines and shapes in the distance, in the dark, and in the way the trees sway in the wind, becoming part of the sky.  I see this painting of dusk like a blurry memory.  

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