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"Daylight" Acrylic Painting on Wood 5" x 5"

"Daylight" Acrylic Painting on Wood 5" x 5"


Acrylic and coarse pumice gel on wood panel 

5" x 5" 




Wire hung for easy hanging, or to be honest, these screw eyes could be removed and hung directly on the wall.  


Part of my series of three paintings I had included at The Harlow in 2021.  This painting started it all.  I was doing a lot of digital sketching on procreate, falling in love with speckled textured marks and the way they overlap creating gorgeous color shifts.  I painted this piece twice actually.  The second time achieving more of a blended look that I was going for where the yellow is really fluorescing, reminding me of moments on a sunny day where it is hard to make out anything other than that blinding light.  

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