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[365] in May

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

My daily painting adventure has been so fun.

The end of April brought me to Day 120.

The month of May will take me through Day 121 to 151.

AND... my plan for this month is to make daily 4" x 6" Acrylic Paintings using pieces of 400 Series Strathmore Acrylic Painting Paper that has been kicking around the studio for a long time.

I've fallen in love with water based mediums like watercolor, inks, and gouache. But I want to revitalize my relationship with acrylics. I think part of the distance comes from not using it as often anymore. I'm trying to rethink the ways that I use Acrylics, too. Applying my application and mixing habits from my ink and watercolor painting. I think I've pressured myself to use them a certain way, mix colors a certain way, use a certain palette, and from the four months of working with a set acrylic ink palette, I'm now realizing... I can literally do the same thing with the acrylics. So I mixed up colors in little plastic jars and have them at the ready.

I hope I can feel more comfortable with my use of color and my application techniques. I want to be able to sit down and feel at ease vs feeling intimidated.

May 1st

Day 121/365

May 2nd

Day 122/365

May 3rd

Day 123/365

May 4th

Day 124/365

May 5th

Day 125/365

May 6th

Day 126/365

May 7th

Day 127/365

May 8th

Day 128/365

May 9th

Day 129/365

May 10th

Day 130/365

May 11th

Day 131/365

May 12th

Day 132/365

May 13th

Day 133/365

May 14th

Day 134/365

May 15th

Day 135/365

May 16th

Day 136/365

May 17th

Day 137/365

May 18th

Day 138/365

May 19th

Day 139/365

May 20th

Day 140/365

May 21st

Day 141/365

May 22nd

Day 142/365

May 23rd

Day 143/365

May 24th

Day 144/365

May 25th

Day 145/365

May 26th

Day 146/365

May 27th

Day 147/365

May 28th

Day 148/365

May 29th

Day 149/365

May 30th

Day 150/365

May 31st

Day 151/365

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