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[365] in June

This is the first time in my daily painting challenge where I really started losing steam. I guess towards the end of last month I started losing steam so I knew that if I wanted to keep going I needed to rethink how I was doing this.

So I folded up some accordion books (kind of messily, definitely imperfect, definitely crooked) and decided this is how I would chronicle the next month.

I started this painting challenge making really gestural abstract pieces on paper. I was interested in filling a page, creating marks to the point of excess, and slowly the tendencies of behavior started repeating themselves. It's interesting to me to see when I start to articulate myself through these images, versus keeping a "viewer" at a distance with what they can really know. Sometimes I wonder what I am really trying to say.

Nevertheless, the accordion books allow me to see my life day by day, and connect the artistic behaviors and inclinations from each little painting to the next. Right now, I am trying to lean into the urge to document, and the desire to relive memories by painting them.


June 1st - June 8th


June 9th - June 16th

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